Mobile Age Deployment Environment (MADE)
CIDER: A Guide to Co-Creating Digital Public Services

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MADE: Mobile Age Deployment Environment

@last upadted March 27, 2019

MADE offers a sandboxed and secure environment for designing and deploying web applications, to facilitate agile development and rapid prototyping.

For Developers

  • Sketch, build and deploy your app with a few clicks
  • Integrate Open data and services
  • Use front-end UI components built for and by older adults
  • Conveniently monitor usage patterns across your apps

For application owners

  • Benefit from faster development cycles and more accessible applications.

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CIDER: A Guide to Co-Creating Digital Public Services

@mobile-age team on March 27, 2019


Interactive Guidebook

  • A well-defined co-creation process that consists of seven streams of activities which take part in the co-creation
  • Six case studies of successful co-creation projects
  • Presentation of methods that have been employed
  • A range of digital tools to facilitate and support co-creation projects such as an evaluation framework, a deployment platform and a Blog


Documentation Platform

  • Create co-creation projects
  • Assign activities to projects that took place in the co-creation process
  • Assign participants that joined the co-creation process
  • Create apps as a result of a co-creation project

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